Unîca is a bicycle brand born in Catalonia in 2014. Unîca bikes are safe, resistant, fast, efficient, with top quality components and the latest technology. They are excellent machines at more affordable prices than similar high-end products of generalist brands, in addition to an excellent assembly and custom paint finish.

Each Unîca is adapted to its owner, taking into account their wishes, objectives, needs and adapting the bike to their geometry and the type of cycling they want to ride: MTB, Road, Gravel and Triathlon. We are one of the few brands that clearly support women’s cycling and triathlon and we build bikes for women as well.

Initiated, amateur and professional cyclists and triathletes know that the relationship with the bike is so special that it becomes necessary, as a means of escape, self-improvement, joy, freedom, exploration and challenge. The bike makes us better in so many ways.


Management Team

Josep Mª Rodríguez

CEO and founder of Unîca Bikes

Sr. Rodri

The Experience

Miquel Buguña

Community Manager

Jens Busse

Sales Austria

Valmira Nani

Sales Austria

Sport Team Riders Tester

Merçe Tusell

Team Reus Ploms Triatlhon Atlhete

Judith Corachan

Team WHERE IS THE LIMIT Triatlhon Atlhete

Albert Subirats

Team Unîca BikeJoring

Miki Rubio

Team CatedraBikes Mountain Bike Athlete

Ignasi Freixa

Team Unîca Duatlon

Xavier Torrades

Team Tomas Bellès Triatlhon Atlhete