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Unîca is a bicycle brand born in Catalonia in 2014. Unîca bicycles are safe, resistant, fast, efficient, beautiful and with components and accessories of the best quality and the most advanced technology. They are excellent machines with more affordable prices than similar high range products of other brands. In addition, they are mounted with a personalized assembly.

Every Unîca bicycle is adapted to its owner and cyclist. We consider his/her wishes, goals, needs and adapt the bike to its geometry and the type of cycling he/she wants to ride: MTB, Road, Gravel and Triathlon. We are one of the few brands that clearly support female cycling and triathlon and we also ride bikes for them.

Initiated bikers and triathletes, amateurs and professionals know that the relationship with the bike is so special that it becomes necessary to have a special bike. This relationship evolves to an experience such as a way of escape, overcoming joy, freedom, exploration and challenge. Bikes make us better.

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Unîca is born due to the creative mind of Josep María Rodríguez, an industrial engineer linked to the world of biking and competition since before sense of reason. His enthusiasm began riding bikes with a friend in a workshop in his spare time. Later, when he was not training neither at work, he realized that designing and making bikes is more than a passion: it is his life. His creativity combines the precision and rigor of an industrial engineer, and the baggage of an experienced and passionate rider.

In 2014 Josep starts to follow his dream. He sells all his stock options in the company in which he has been working for more than 15 years and decides to dedicate his life to make amateur and professional athletes happy by creating innovative and optimal jewels with pedals. He launches a different bike brand. Unîca is the first brand to be used in a half distance triathlon. Unîca is a bike without a chain, with transmission belt instead and with the speeds in the hub. This Unîca bike is ridden by his life partner and elite athlete of MTB and triathlon Mercè Tussell. Following the motto of “Unchained”, Mercè rides her Unîca and gets on the podium of the Sailfish Berga 2014 Half distance Triathlon.

Josep investigates and develops designs, materials and innovates the bikes bringing to the market bikes that anticipate their time with an almost obsessive perfection in the details. He creates bikes of great quality, with care and in an almost artisan way, responding to the demands of the market with bikes that become the companions of adventures.

How does he manage it? Knowing the needs of each cyclist, what he or she wants, and he offers them the possibility to adapt their bike to his or her geometry, needs, qualities, goals and uses.

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Management Team

  • Josep Mª Rodriguez
    Josep Mª RodriguezCEO and founder of Unîca Bikes
    • Sr. Rodri
      Sr. RodriThe Experience
      • Miquel Buguña
        Miquel BuguñaCOMMUNITY MANAGER
        • Isa Troytiño
          Isa TroytiñoCommunication Spain
          • Valmira Nani
            Valmira NaniSales Austria
            • Jens Busse
              Jens BusseSales Austria
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              Sport Team Riders

              • Mercè Tusell
                Mercè TusellTeam Reus Ploms
                Triatlhon Atlhete
                • Judith Corachan
                  Judith CorachanTeam WHERE IS THE LIMIT
                  Triatlhon Atlhete
                  • Miki Rubio
                    Miki RubioTeam CatedraBikes
                    Mountain Bike Athlete
                    • Pep Tache
                      Pep TacheTeam T-Bikes
                      Triatlhon Atlhete.
                      • Albert Torres
                        Albert TorresTeam Best Pallarés
                        Triatlhon Cross Atlhete
                        • Xavi Torrades
                          Xavi TorradesTeam Tomas Bellès
                          Triatlhon Atlhete
                          • Albert Subirats y Hera
                            Albert Subirats y HeraTeam Unîca BikeJoring
                            • Carles Castro
                              Carles CastroTeam Bike Boi
                              • Ignasi Freixa
                                Ignasi FreixaTeam Unîca Duatlon.