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Light and perfect to travel all types of roads and conquer long distances regardless of the altitude or the sinuosity of the road.

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Aerodynamic and comfortable to reach the best performance for bike section of half distance and Ironman triathlons.

chapo unica


Wild and strong to assault impossible trails, overcome obstacles, stones, roots and technical difficulties in nature’s heart.

chapo unica


The best partner of trip and life. Resistant, flexible and tolerant to travel with the essentials to any corner of the world.

chapo unica


Accessories that make the bike unique and meet the needs of the cyclist. Wheels of different profiles and sorts, of ultralight materials, mechanical and electronic groups, handlebars and much more.

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Live to ride, ride to live!

  • "I am really very grateful to Unîca, and so comfortable. It is a very light bike that fits all terrains. Unîca bikes are affordable, personalized and have nothing to envy to other brands of triathlon."

    Judith Corachán
    Judith CorachánProfessional Triathlete
  • "I am delighted with my Unîca Road, specially painted and designed for me. With this bike I know that I can fulfill all the challenges for 2017, which are not few, both triathlon and road. I am thrilled with all the challenges ahead, and all that remains me to improve. I know that this bike will ease and travel the way so well with me. How it's configured, its set of wheels and how versatile it is to adapt to short, half and long distance triathlon, such as cyclotourist challenges, and the many hours that I have ahead... We will be able to reach whatever we dream!"

    Isaac Fontelles
    Isaac FontellesSales manager, Head of Goo Sport Club and Triathlete
  • "A bike made for me and designed just for me. The first sensations have been sensational since the first moment, with comfort and security. In this case, is very important that everything is precise as it is. It's a time trial bike that gives me safety, specially when passing from the handlebar to the aero coupling. The adaptation to the geometry has been immediate.

    With kilometers and turns to the velodrome I realize every day that this is a high quality bike, with an extremely rigid frame and high aerodynamic performance. I feel confident to be able to face the challenge of the hour on track in a few months."

    Pep Tatché
    Pep TatchéEntrepreneur and time trial cyclist
chapo unica